Parc Aquaviva Tickets

Parc Aquaviva Tickets

Do you like to swim to cool off? Spend the day in the Loire Valley city of Carcassonne at the Parc Aquaviva with your thrilled youngsters. It may seem out of place to go to a medieval citadel in search of a beach, yet that is exactly what you can do because in the midst of verdant vegetation on the edge of Lac de la Cavayère sits a beach known as Carcassonne Plage. Between the months of June and August, this lake becomes the site of Parc Aquaviva, an annual aquatic amusement park. In this stunning natural setting, you'll find the artificial Lac de la Cavayère and the Raymond Chésa recreational complex, which together cover an area of 40 ha. Pedal boat rentals, waterskiing, and wakeboarding are just some of the many fun things included in your Parc Aquaviva Carcassonne tarif, and O2 Adventure, a park in the trees, is another option. It's possible to get out of the water by climbing, sliding, clambering, and splashing around. After hurling yourself down the enormous slides, you may relax and have a modest lunch.

Why Visit Parc Aquaviva

The Parc Aquaviva is a cutting-edge water park on Cavayère Lake, approximately five minutes from Carcassonne and its medieval city. You can also enjoy catapults, slides, slide mats, trampolines, paddleboards, and everything else you could possibly want for the most fun possible with Parc Aquaviva Carcassonne tickets. The scary Iceberg, a 5-meter water wall, will attract thrill-seekers. not to mention the 10-slide Ultimate Water-Jump. Aquaviva Park is not merely full of wacky attractions, but it does guarantee some adrenaline. It is the best venue to enjoy a wonderful day with friends or family, and that is what matters most. You can unwind in the restaurant and the leisure area, which has hammocks and sun loungers.

Explore Parc Aquaviva

The Water Park

The Water Park features XXXL-sized inflatable and floating modules.We've got you covered, adrenaline junkies, with slides, catapults, trampolines, sliding mats, a 5-meter-high iceberg that you can climb, and obstacle courses—like it's a real-life Total Wipeout, but in the water! You'll have a life vest to help you float (provided and compulsory). There are trained lifeguards on duty in the Park.

The Water- Jump

Experience something truly one-of-a-kind at this 300 square meter floating structure because that's a peninsula or cape! It's the hottest spot in town! It has 10 different slides for kids of all ages and 2 different jumping platforms (8m and 5m) for the more daring. Come try out somersaults and backflips in the air with the safety gear provided (a helmet). You can watch the best jumps from a terrace. The lifeguards will give you all the rules and regulations for staying safe.

Plan To Visit

Location & Timings
How To Reach
  • Location: Parc Aquaviva is located at Lac de la Cavayère - Base de loisirs Raymond Chésa, 11000 Carcassonne, France.

  • Timings: During the months of June, July, and August, you can visit Parc Aquaviva any day of the week between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

  • By Bus: To get to Lac de la Cavayère from Port du Canal Gare SNCF, you can take a bus that goes straight there. Sundays are the only day of the week that services are provided. There is a daily departure of the line 4 bus from Port du Canal Gare SNCF to Lac de la Cavayère, and the trip takes about 20 minutes total, with transfers.

  • By Taxi: Taking a taxi takes 13 minutes and is the quickest option when traveling between Carcassonne Station and Parc aquaviva.


Why is the Parc Aquaviva famous?

The water park with the most laughs in Carcassonne is called Parc Aquaviva. Just a short drive of about 5 minutes will take you to the Cavayère Lake from the Cité de Carcassonne. Parc Aquaviva Carcassonne tarif includes numerous water-based activities available, including slides, trampolines, and more. In addition to the two platforms and ten water slides, they also have a water jump area (8 and 5 meters) which make the park famous.

Is the Parc Aquaviva worth visiting?

Yes, Parc is worth visiting because not only are you guaranteed oodles of adrenaline with the Parc Aquaviva Carcassonne tickets but it is the perfect spot to enjoy a wonderful day with loved ones on trampolines and slides.

What is the best time to visit Parc Aquaviva?

The best months to visit Parc Aquaviva are from June to August, but you should go as soon as the park opens to avoid crowds, having bought the Parc Aquaviva Carcassonne tickets.

Do you need to book in advance to visit Parc Aquaviva?

Yes, you must reserve Parc Aquaviva Carcassonne tickets in advance before your anticipated arrival time before the tickets sell out.

When is Aquaviva Park open?

Parc Aquaviva is open everyday from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Where can I book tickets for Parc Aquaviva?

You can book the Parc Aquaviva Carcassonne tickets online from us, or any other third party websites.


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